Your Growth Is Our Goal

Despite the countless restaurants in our industry, no two are alike – from fast-causal to fine dining, each enterprise has its own set of particular needs and challenges. No matter what kind of enterprise you oversee, there’s one essential ingredient necessary to every recipe for success: an ongoing profit.

At Frymaster, we understand the crucial value of your kitchen’s assets. By focusing our attention at the very heart of your business, we’ve designed every one of our products to conserve your resources while maximizing profitability. So while you continue to discover new opportunities for growth, we’re working hard to lower your cost of ownership. It’s a simple formula for success. And it’s that same simplicity we’ve infused into our entire portfolio, harnessing intuitive designs for equipment and operations that are easy to learn, use, and service. After all, that’s what keeps your streamlined kitchen running swiftly and safely, fostering a workflow that’s both efficient and productive.

Developing our expertise over the last 80 years, Frymaster has been dedicated to understanding the world of our customers in order to manufacture our unparalleled solutions. Building only the most durable and long-lasting equipment, we continue to set the standard for reliability with products that can withstand the relentless pressures of your fast-paced operation – today and tomorrow.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to keep on innovating towards even greater efficiency and effectiveness in every one of our future endeavors. By working together, we’ll continue to develop powerful solutions that are simply profitable – because your bottom line is the bottom line.

VP/General Manager's Letter

Frymaster is on a mission to continue to be a leading supplier of commercial fryers, frying systems, water-bath rethermalizers, pasta cookers, and of the equipment related to these technologies. Frymaster will achieve its mission by providing technologically superior reliable product designs, new products which are clearly innovative, and a superior worldwide service support system.

Frymaster will enhance the ultimate customer's profitability through reduced operating and maintenance costs by providing premier value through superior performance, high reliability, features, quality, and service at attractive prices. While Frymaster is focusing on the issues that will please its customers, it will not lose sight of the fact that its human resources are its strongest asset. Frymaster and its employees believe that serving the customer is the most important objective, and to that end, Frymaster measures its success by how well this goal is accomplished. As a result, Frymaster's success and the success of its employees is determined by how well the ultimate customer is served.

Frymaster's intention is to grow both internationally and domestically without ignoring any segment of the marketplace. Frymaster will continue to be a leader in all segments of the industry in every aspect of design, service, reliability, and innovation. This is the mission for Frymaster and its employees, and this is the commitment Frymaster and its employees make to their customers.

Todd Phillips
VP/General Manager
Todd Phillips


Frymaster Corporation is the market leader in commercial fryers -- the choice of the world's largest, foodservice chains. It began in 1935 when Company founder, P.F. Ratcliff, built the very first Frymaster fryer around the advanced principles of the open frypot and the master jet burner. Since then, Frymaster has led the industry in product innovation such as the highly efficient infrared burner and fully controlled, programmable cooking. Industry firsts such as computer controlled frying, built-in filtration of shortening, high efficiency fryer systems, and space-saving, under-fryer automatic filtration are further examples of innovation at work for the benefit of the foodservice industry. Precision is the essence of Frymaster quality. Precision in manufacturing a superior design produces the level of performance, reliability, and durability our customers have come to expect from Frymaster.

Methods such as just-in-time manufacturing are utilized to improve both the component quality and on-time delivery, while keeping finished product lead times to a minimum. Statistical process control and employee involvement practices are ways of life on the factory floor. Both have a dramatic, positive impact on the consistency of product quality. These and other high technology processes are employed to assure the most advanced products available.

Frymaster, LLC is committed to leading the way. Our research and development teams continue to push forward, fulfilling the promise of quality and innovation inherent in those first bold steps taken so many years ago.

Quality Policy

Quality has a special meaning with regard to Frymaster’s customers. It is our goal to continually meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve by performing our work in a quality manner. In every activity we undertake, quality is required. The measure of that performance is the degree to which our completed work meets our customers’ requirements. We will design, build, and service our products in a manner that makes us the leading foodservice equipment manufacturer in the world. We will always work to improve our previous performance and will continue to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by establishing measurable quality objectives. The emphasis on quality extends from the smallest details to the issues of greatest importance, both on the manufacturing floor as well as in the office. Frymaster’s success rests solely on the degree to which each of us makes the quality of our work our most important objective.

ISO 9001:2015
Frymaster's Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2015. Our original registration was accomplished in 1992 under ISO 9002:1987 standard.

ISO Certificate
Frymaster is proud to be a charter member of the ENERGY STAR program for commercial fryers. Our H55 gas fryer has been the industry standard for over fifteen (15) years. Two additional ENERGY STAR high achievers are the RE17TC and RE14 electric fryers. These units will help in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; make our planet cleaner; plus save their owners in operational cost. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the electric fryers will save ,008 over their lifetime while the gas model will save over less efficient units. Our units are tested to the ASTM F1361-99 specification and are available today.Frymaster strives to provide innovative, cost reducing products through the Frymaster and Dean brands.

Please use this website to discover all of the Frymaster and Dean products and see how - We Fit the Way You Fry.

Welbilt – global leaders

Welbilt, Inc. develops, produces and sells world-leading solutions in the foodservice equipment sector.

Offering you an unrivalled understanding of the customer and industry combined with comprehensive kitchen systems, culinary expertise and first-class customer service. Globally and locally. With business operations in America, Europe and Asia, Welbilt supplies leading brands such as Cleveland, Convotherm®, Crem, Delfield®, Fitkitchen®, Frymaster®, Garland®, Kolpak®, Lincoln®, Manitowoc® Ice, Merco®, Merrychef® and Multiplex®.

You can find out more about Welbilt, and how our leading brands could help you from our website: You can also find details here of our regional and local offices.

Convotherm Software Updates

We are pleased to provide you the latest software updates of the Convotherm range.

Please just agree our terms and conditions of licence and use for using the software.

I noticed the terms and conditions of licence and agree

Please note:

The particular software update for Convotherm 4 gas units has to be done by an authorised service partner (there are adjustment steps necessary).

Please ensure that only software which is suitable for the unit series is installed on your Convotherm unit. This software cannot be used for other unit types from the range. If this is disregarded, no liability will be assumed for malfunctions.

Convotherm Service manuals

This section is available for authorized service partner only.

Some files are protected with a password. If you need the password please get in contact with our After Sales Service:

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